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Your Path to Breakthrough
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Think, Feel and Act Differently
Unleash the Gifts of Greatness Inside of You
Break Through Your Limitations
Take Control Of Your Life
Next-Level Everything In Your Life


This training is designed to help common people be uncommon,
and achieve the extraordinary.

You are smart, capable, talented, and deserving of all the good things you desire in life.

The truth is, you can only manifest results that are aligned with your current self-image, self-trust, mindset, and habits.

If you are hungry to up-level your beliefs about yourself to create a high-level of self-trust, up-level your relationship with yourself to release and let go of inner barriers to your happiness and success, and up-level your personal effectiveness towards achieving new goals,  this masterclass will equip you to embody your personal power to BE the person you need to become to realize new possibilities in your life and career.  

You will gain the know-how to enhance your capabilities to improve your self-awareness, focus, self-control, planning, and mental and emotional flexibility when it comes to managing daily stressors in life. 


You will be empowered to trust in your ability to take on the role of being the hero of your story. This involves being more of who you are by embracing your unique gifts of greatness and how they help you to embrace what's different about you to create momentum and make progress towards improving your ability to grow and flourish in life.  

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- Join Us at Unleash Your Greatness Masterclass -

Experience an engaging personal empowerment training that guides you step-by-step through a proven success system that equips you to celebrate your strengths, discover your gifts of greatness, create internal shifts, and identify your next best steps to navigate your way forward as you UNLEASH YOUR GREATNESS.

The value of learning how to apply The Go Be Great Blueprint™  in your life and career is that the framework and self-inquiry process helps you gain clarity about how you need to uplevel your self-image, heart set, mindset,  and habits to BE the person who can create the positive change you want to experience,  again and again.  

Live Beyond Limitations

When you get clear about who you are at your best and how to leverage these qualities to BE the next level version of yourself capable of achieving your next level dreams and goals - you will live beyond limitations, build your self-trust and confidently take action aligned with the goals that matter most to you NOW.

This is the path to getting out of your own way and taking ownership of your creative power to experience the life and career you love.

Why? Because embracing what is already great about you and learning how to leverage it to grow yourself and BE the next level version of yourself empowers you to think, feel and act differently. When you begin to uplevel the way you think, feel, and act, your actions will uplevel your life as you see and create or seize new opportunities to achieve new possibilities in your life.

When you decide to upgrade your self-image, heart set, mindset, and habits, you will think big, believe bigger, show up for yourself and your dreams and goals with a determination to live your greatness and succeed despite your previous results.

That's the power of the UNLEASH YOUR GREATNESS VIRTUAL MASTERCLASS, I take you through the exact road-tested backed by science process that empowered me to believe in my intuition and trust myself to go from living below my potential to building a life and award-winning corporate career I loved.


Today, my signature success system enables me to train individuals in my self-empowerment programs and leadership development programs with success. I am certain that everyone who develops empowering beliefs about themselves and is able to maintain a high level of self-trust can learn how to identify and leverage their gifts of greatness with the use of The Go Be Great Blueprint and trust that they already have what it takes to BE the change they want to experience in their life, career, and the world.

This Is A Strengths-Based Masterclass

This means you will be directed to focus on and celebrate your inherent strengths and positive assets while you are empowered to uplevel your self-image, heart set, mindset, and habits.

You already know what you have and have not been doing to achieve the breakthrough you want to experience. During this masterclass, when I refer to the past it will be from a vantage point of learning from it and converting the information into hard-won wisdom and the working knowledge you can put into practice NOW to experience better in your life.

Once you understand how to apply my signature success system towards modeling the behavior of the person capable of creating the positive change you want to experience in life, you will start to value the parts of your personality that make you different and unique. When you start BEing more of who you are at your best - the person you become six months, one year, three years, ten years from now will be unrecognizable.

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You Are A Powerful, Creative Soul 

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You are powerful beyond measure. You are a creative BEing - you have the power to transform thoughts into things. 

You can learn a proven system for success that empowers you to create and harness the power of momentum to improve your effectiveness towards achieving the outcomes you most want to experience.

Just for fun, think about the following two groups of thoughts.

Group A

1. "Why me?"

2. "That's too much for me?"

3. "I'll never succeed."

Group B

1. "I'm perfect for the job."

2. "I've succeeded many times before."

3. "I can figure out how to do this."

Did you notice a difference in the energy generated from each group of thoughts?

Unless you are practicing neutral thinking, each of your thoughts is generating momentum - either in the direction of influencing you to take action towards something you want or unwanted.

It is this power that you have to decide on which thoughts and beliefs will get your attention and influence your energy towards a specific direction that makes you such an incredible agent for creating positive change in your life and in the lives of others.

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How I Came to Be An Empowerment Teacher

I've been where you are now. I have doubted myself. I have struggled with facing fears that were blocking me from taking the necessary action to achieve bigger goals. I've been up until 3 AM trying to figure out what I could do better to create change in my life. I have procrastinated, self-sabotaged, and became a chronic self-abandoner. All of this changed when I embraced my faith with a greater understanding of how much God loves me, the good plan he has for my life, and that I have the power to make choices that affirm this truth.

Living below my potential caused me to suffer. When I decided that I had to BE better to create better in the lives of my children and myself, I demanded more from myself. I went from being a college dropout, living on government assistance with two children, and settling for an abusive relationship, to working my way up through the ranks of three divisions of Marriott Hotels to become an award-winning manager and executive leader. 

The suffering that I experienced from living below my potential serves as part of the inspiration I have for the work that I do today as the founder of Greatness Made Simple Training & Consulting. Because of my corporate career and the opportunities I had to mentor and develop team members and next-generation leaders, many of those I served in my roles as a manager and executive leader expanded their perspective about who they could become and what they were capable of achieving. They were encouraged to cultivate a heart set and mindset towards serving their way to greatness and developing keystone habits necessary to achieve team and business goals.

I know firsthand the transformation that can occur in the lives of people who embrace progress with an open heart, open mind, and a willingness to do things differently in order for them to experience what they never had.

Those individuals who have been coaching clients, students in my masterclasses and mastermind programs, and attendees at corporate training events during the past six years who have achieved breakthrough results were able to do so because of their willingness to embrace what they learned with openness and hunger to create the change they wanted to experience. 

In addition to the suffering I experienced living below my potential which serves as inspiration for the work that I do today, another source of inspiration is the gratitude I have in my heart for those members in the Lamplighters Toastmasters Club in Wilmington, NC that I was once a member of who heard me speak about my experiences of defying the odds against me to build my career and how I was able to move beyond the suffering I experienced after the unexpected death of my teenage son, Blease in 1995 and live forward with the purpose of using my life experiences to inspire, equip and empower others.


They encouraged me to write a book about my experiences. They encouraged me to get out in the community and share my story with others. They believed that what I'd been able to accomplish and overcome could be of value to others before I even considered the idea of being an author and speaker.


Their encouragement inspired me to make time to identify the key habits and skills that resulted in me having the ability to overcome daunting circumstances and succeed in ways beyond what I imagined was possible for me. The Go Be Great Blueprint™ reflects the core mental models that empowered me to develop the capabilities to become an effective and highly successful self-leader.

I'm going to keep it real with you. This doesn't mean that I don't struggle with BEing the person capable of achieving goals. This framework helps me to identify the resistance I have towards taking the actions to accomplish a goal and helps me to determine if I need assistance to uplevel my self-image, heart set, mindset, and habits, or if I need to clarify my compelling WHY to amp up my intrinsic motivation or reframe a fear to take action towards a goal. I have accepted that this process is an endless practice that I must be willing to embrace to be the person I was born to be.

Personal greatness is achieved with a heart and mind that is open to new possibilities. Personal greatness is realized with a desire to BE your best self, and a refusal to allow your circumstances define who you can become and what you are worthy of experiencing in life. Personal greatness is secured when one is clear about who you are, what you stand for, where you are going, and knowing the first steps you need to initiate to begin building the bridge that closes the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

The primary purpose of this master class is:


  • Educate you on how to build an empowering self-image and maintain the self-trust necessary to leverage your strengths and gifts of greatness to live forward and flourish.

  • Equip you with an understanding of how to use and implement The Go Be Great Blueprint as a tool to help you BE the person capable of achieving a breakthrough you want to experience at any time in your life.

  • Empower you to create a plan of action that directs your focus and energy towards actions that you can begin to initiate NOW to start closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be. While you maintain the flexibility and self-control to follow through and achieve your goals.

  • Encourage you to BE HERE NOW. I use a mindfulness approach to help you be more attentive to your emotions and how you are processing them, and how your ability to manage your emotional interpretations of life experiences influences you to feel like you are in control or you are a victim to your circumstances. The more mindful you are in the NOW, the more personal power you will be able to access to create positive change in your life. 

It's important for me to pay it forward and offer shortcuts to help others align with the Go Be Great Philosophy: Be the Hero of Your Story.

The tools and strategies I share in this masterclass is stuff I use on a consistent basis in order to gain fresh insights that I can use in my life and share with others as we take new ground and show up to our fields of play with the self-trust and self-leadership necessary to build new bridges to new possibilities in our life and career.  NOW, It's your time to level up your life and career.

- Join Us at Unleash Your Greatness Masterclass-

Experience an engaging personal empowerment training that guides you step-by-step through a proven success system that equips you to celebrate your strengths, discover your gifts of greatness, create internal shifts, and identify your next best steps to navigate your way forward as you UNLEASH YOUR GREATNESS.

It is no coincidence that you are reading this page. There is something more you want to experience in your life.

There is something more you want to become. There is something more you want to contribute in life.

Discover what it feels and looks like to redefine what's possible in your life. Join us in the upcoming master class.

Level Up the Way You Think, Feel and Act with

 the Road-Tested Go Be Great Blueprint

Learn how to implement the smart habits of mind and self-empowerment strategies of The Go Be Great Blueprint to increase your personal effectiveness, improve your wellbeing and uplevel your success.

  • Disrupt your assumptions that influence you to believe more in your limitations and less in your power to redefine what's possible in your life and career by deepening your understanding of your authentic voice, strengths, and unique gifts of greatness. This mental model helps you to build self-trust which will help increase your level of conviction, commitment, courage, and confidence towards the accomplishment of new goals.

  • Reframe your perspective about who you can become by connecting with and identifying ways to leverage your authentic voice, values, strengths, and gifts of greatness to see, create and seize new possibilities in your life. Once you develop the habit of framing your past, and current challenges with a possibility and growth mindset, this mental model helps to deepen your self-trust and ground you in your enoughness with the belief you have what it takes to handle life with success.

  • Initiate purpose-driven action aligned with your most important goals by developing the quiet discipline of focusing on your priorities by getting clear about your most important goals and WHY they are your most important goals.

  • Value enriching experiences that inspire you to learn, stretch and grow. You will need to get comfortable with temporary discomfort in order to build your capacity to uplevel your wellbeing, impact, and success. This mental model helps you develop a growth mindset, view change as opportunities to grow and expand into the next level version of your best self.

  • Enlist the help of others within your sphere of influence to receive the support and guidance you need to achieve your personal and professional goals. This mental model requires you to become a person of influence by developing your capacity to genuinely connect with others by demonstrating that you see, hear and value them and the differences they bring to the arena where you play your best game. Your ability to genuinely connect with others and deliver results is how you increase your know, like, and trust factor which helps you to gain the support of allies, mentors, and sponsors.

People who are more mindful, authentic, and aligned to who they truly are,

create better environments, teams, leaders, communities, and businesses

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Unleash Your Greatness Master Class Experience

What You Can Expect

Virtual Networking
​Interactive Q&A
Private FB Group Masterclass Students Only
Easy to Use Technology
Presentation Content
Downloadable Workbook
Training Takes Place On Zoom


 Day One Agenda

Welcome: 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM EST 

Jackie introduces herself, what you will learn and gain from this master class. She reviews the day one agenda and how the training will empower you to achieve the private victories critical to your achievement of public victories. She engages you with an exercise designed to start the training with a positive focus and help you set a clear intention about what you most want to gain from this masterclass.

You Are Enough: 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM EST

In module one, Jackie discusses pivotal events in her story that led her to the understanding of what it means and feels like to trust yourself at the soul level. She uses her story to expand your perspective about you having everything you need to start right now to pursue and achieve small and big dreams. She shares insights and practices about building and maintaining self-trust on the soul level.

Jackie guides you through an exercise that helps you to identify key elements of your authentic voice and helps you to understand how they support your ability to BE the version of yourself capable of achieving your dreams and goals. She walks you through an exercise to help you discover your gifts of greatness and how they provide you with clues as to what you do best and enable you to experience more mind and heart coherence which increases your experience of flow states. 

Main Takeaways: Developing an awareness of your authentic voice and unique gifts of greatness will affirm your capability to do new things, bolster your self-trust, courage, and confidence towards taking action beyond your comfort zone to realize your dreams and goals.

Lunch Break: 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM EST

Be the Hero of Your Story: 12:40 PM - 2:05 PM EST

In module two, Jackie opens this training session building upon your awareness of your strengths and gifts of greatness to help you understand the "power of your agreements" and how some of them are blocking you from realizing a greater measure of your greatness. You are asked to complete a questionnaire about the traits of your heroic self before embarking on the second leg of your training for greatness.

During this training session, Jackie walks you step-by-step through the five habits of mind and self-inquiry questions that comprise The Go Be Great Blueprint. You will be guided to embrace a more expansive heart space and growth mindset and use the information that you have learned to identify gaps between "what is" and your vision of "what can be" while you begin to gain insights into the actions you can take immediately to begin to build the bridge that helps you to close the gap. 

Main Takeaways: We live in a disruptive age.  Through the teaching and self-inquiry process in this module, you will gain clarity and reconnect with the identity, heart set, mindset, and habits of your best self. You will develop the self-awareness of the narratives that no longer serve the next level of your evolution on your journey to greatness, and what actions you can take to elevate your capability to live forward and flourish.

10 Minute Break: 2:05 pm - 2:15 pm EST


Own Your Future: 2:15 pm - 3:15 pm EST 

In module three, Jackie walks you through the third and final leg of your training for greatness with the  "My Go Be Great Plan" worksheet which helps you connect the insights, Aha's, and breakthroughs you've experienced during the masterclass to create a plan of action that reflects your vision of possibility and the initial actions you will execute to move forward and make progress in order to build momentum towards the achievement of goals that reflect your vision of possibility.   

Main Takeaways: This session helps you to get clarity about modeling the behavior of the person you need to BE in order to experience your vision of possibility. It helps to reinforce the mental models and success strategies you have learned that are now a part of your personal success toolkit to inspire and empower you on your journey to achieve your next-level greatness.

Review & Q&A: 3:25 pm - 3:45 pm EST 

Jackie summarizes key points of the training and answers questions from masterclass students. 

Celebration & Closing Remarks: 3:45 pm - 4:00 pm EST

Jackie asks participants to share their key insights and breakthroughs as the group celebrates with them. Jackie closes the training with an inspiring message for students participating in this masterclass.


OPTIONAL Bonus Group Coaching Session with Jackie: 4:15 pm - 5:15 pm EST

After a 15 minute break, Jackie provides a BONUS group coaching session for students who would like additional feedback about a specific challenge or goal.


BONUS Private Facebook Community for Masterclass Students ONLY

One more thing, this is no a one-and-done training. You don't have to go it alone. You will have the continued support of Jackie and UYG Masterclass students in a private FB community where we will share ideas, resources, lessons learned, and best practices to build upon the momentum you feel after the masterclass. Jackie will share inspirational posts and short videos (for this group only) and periodically use mini-challenges to keep everyone focused on taking leaps of faith toward their dreams and goals with the support of community members. 

BONUS Discount Tickets to the "Unleash Your Greatness Summit" 

In addition, masterclass students will be provided discount ticket prices to Jackie's "Unleash Your Greatness Summit" which will be a weekend event held in Columbia, SC starting in September 2022.

The UYG Masterclass

Who Should Attend

This masterclass is for women and men, young and older, who want to live beyond limitations and realize a greater measure of their potential through the achievement of personal and professional goals. They want to do the uncommon, achieve next-level success, and make their mark in the arenas where they most want to win.

After Completing This High-Energy, Live and Interactive Masterclass, You Will:

  • Increase your self-trust and believe you have what it takes to manage the unexpected in life

  • Be equipped with a proven success system that will develop your capacity to live beyond limitations

  • Understand what is unique about your gifts, strengths, and life experiences to embrace your brilliance

  • Build smart habits that empower you to live forward and create the positive change you desire

  • Improve your self-regulation skills to diminish knee-jerk reactions to life experiences

  • Identify a personal and professional goal you want to achieve in 90 days

  • Create a plan of action that equips you to achieve your 90-day goals

  • Deepen your understanding of how to utilize the Go Be Great Blueprint to coach yourself to increase your well being, influence, positive impact and success

What You Receive

  • Deep dive training inspired by Jackie's new book and training she's invested in as a student now

  • A community of like-minded people who are emboldened to live beyond limitations

  • Maximum class size: 50 participants

  • Go Be Great Life Visioning Workbook PDF (pre-work for masterclass)

  • Unleash Your Greatness Workbook PDF

  • Copy of Jackie's NEW book The Go Be Great Blueprint (Release date September 3, 2021)*

  • Money-Back Guarantee


Own Your Power 
Trust Yourself More
Fear Less
Walk with Faith
Show Up to Life with A Dose of Badassery


- Join Us at Unleash Your Greatness Masterclass -

Friend, no one has the unique gifts of greatness, strengths, perspectives and skills that you have. YOU ARE A ONE TIME EVENT. You were endowed with creative power at the moment of your conception. This isn't power you can buy. It already dwells within you.

When you experience a  transformational process that empowers you to unleash your smarts, strengths, unique capabilities and creative power towards BEing the change you want to experience in your life, you will redefine what's possible in your life.

 If you are ready to experience  transformational training that will provide you with an understanding of how to use a framework of habits of mind that empowers your best self, improves your goal achievement success, enhances your ability to connect with and build supportive relationships with diverse people and maintain a high level of self trust that fuels your commitment, conviction, courage and confidence towards redefining what's possible in your life, the UNLEASH YOUR GREATNESS VIRTUAL MASTERCLASS is for YOU!

Next Masterclass In October

If You're Still Reading and You Haven't Registered for the Masterclass,
Perhaps this Will Put Your Mind and Heart at Ease.
You Literally Have Nothing to Lose.



Money-Back Guarantee & Cancellation Policy


The Unleash Your Greatness Virtual Weekend Masterclass delivers on its promise to educate, equip and empower you with a step-by-step self-leadership success system for up-leveling your mindset, emotional wellbeing, multiplying your personal effectiveness, increasing your self-trust and confidence while enabling you to create a Next Best Steps Plan to navigate your way forward with increased clarity, commitment, courage, capability, and confidence.

In fact, if by the end of Module One, you do not honestly believe that you are getting your money's worth or will experience the breakthrough and transformation that will enable you to level up your life, I will return 100% of your investment.

Copies of Jackie's NEW book. The Go Be Great Blueprint: A More Mindful Way to Build Influence, Create Positive Impact and Accelerate Your Authentic Success will be mailed to students who paid for and attended the entire masterclass on the Tuesday following the masterclass training. Note: For those attending the first masterclass in August, the book will be mailed on Tuesday, September 7, 2021, since the release date of the book is September 3, 2021. 

Contact Jackie at jackiecapersbrown@gmail.com during the lunch segment and ask for your full refund, no questions asked.

If you register and do NOT attend the masterclass, your ticket will NOT be refunded.

If you find that you are unable to attend the masterclass, please notify Jackie at jackiecapersbrown@gmail.com

before August 23, 2021, to be eligible for a full refund. After August 23, 2021, a credit will be applied toward a future masterclass, program or product for up to a full year from the original masterclass date.

The content of this masterclass is for educational and informational purposes only. The content should not be used for the diagnosis or treatment of any condition or disease. Please consult with your mental healthcare provider prior to investing in this training program.


The money back guarantee is based on the quaility of service and training experienced by those who paid to attend this training. It does not guarantee that participants will achieve similar results of past students and coaching clients as that is solely based on each individual's commitment to executing what they learn and following though to achieve their goals. 

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